Marriage and Psycho Socio Education Sessions

 Dear 2 ME

​​​As per Statistics Canada the National Divorce Rate is 48%.

41% of marriages will end before the 30th anniversary.

The average length of a marriage, nationally , is 14 years.




Julian D rsw, msw.  


A catalyst of change. Working successfully with individuals, couples, families and organisations.
Bringing creative interventions and solutions, 
within an environment of human investment and synergy.

"Intimacy and belonging to a special someone,

is what life is all about. If you do not grow in love with the same person you will look elsewhere

not for someone else

but for intimacy and belonging."                                                                                                     julian d


The above approaches are used wholisticaly,

creating sustainable

positive outcomes 
through attainable goals. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. (CBT)

Brief Solution Based Therapy.

Transactional analysis. (TA)

Inner child actualisation.

Narrative and process documentation. 

Life skills techniques and adult education principles.

Family systems and Systems analysis.